External Trainings

This activity offers stakeholders the possibility to receive and improve their know how on issues of informal settlements and poor urban communities: Tailor made in house trainings of short term (2 – 5 days) are offered for practitioners - executives of local authorities and high rank employees of real estate companies – by the Indian Partner Institutions in close cooperation with European Partners, especially DUK and ITC who command vast experience with postgraduate education.

This furthermore supports Indian Partners in their efforts to add postgraduate, extra occupational training for practitioners to their portfolio, even beyond project duration.
Such short time trainings (duration app. 2 – 5 days) may cover single topics on stakeholders’ request such as:

  • Participatory Population and housing survey and registration in informal settlements
  • Assessment of existing infrastructural coverage, public spaces, commercial activities, residential densities
  • Assessment of quality of life in communities
  • Development of scenarios in community based planning processes
  • Participatory community quality of life mapping

External trainings may be focused on one particular stakeholder (group) or explicitly bring differing groups like authorities, developers and NGOs, community organisations together as integral part of a structural approach to engage partly opposing groups in discussion and awareness building.

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