Day 2 - Tuesday, May 29 th

Discussing Informality: Case Study presentations from India and Ethiopia, 28-31 May 2018

Day 2, session 1, 09:30-12:30

Housing / Social inclusion

Hussain Indorewala, KRVIA
The World Bank in Mumbai: Transformation of urban and housing discourse, policy and practice

Avni Rustogi, CEPT
Participatory SWM planning: A pilot in Bombay Hotel Ahmedabad

Day 2, session 2, 13:30-17:30

Housing / Social inclusion

Shachi Sangvi & Renu Desai, CEPT
Seasonal labour migration, translocal lives and urban governance: a case-study of migrant construction workers' housing in Ahmedabad

Ephrem Niguise, UoM
Peripheral and innercity informal housing situation in Mekelle: a comparative study

Kimaya Keluskar, KRIVIA
Mapping livability with lower income housing in the city of Mumbai

Mamta Patwardhan, KRIVIA
Climate change impacts on the health of vulnerable groups: building slum resilience

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