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Site: Precarious Housing in Europe
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Glossary: Glossary

Formal housing

Includes both social/public housing and the private real estate market either for renting or purchasing.


Geneva Refugee Convention

Intergovernmental treaty of 1951 defining who should be granted refugee status, their rights and states’ obligations in relation to the protection of refugees.


The influx of middle-class people displacing lower-class worker residents in urban neighbourhoods.


An area where, as a consequence of racist forces within the dominant society (1), a particular ethnic or racial group forms (almost) the whole population (2) and where most members of that particular group are housed (3).



Broadly defined in the European Typology of Homelessness and Housing Exclusion (ETHOS) by four categories, including rooflessness, houselessness, insecure housing and inadequate housing.


The act of taking over an abandoned building with the intention of turning it into a home.

Hotspot approach

EU approach to cope with increasing migratory pressure faced by frontline countries at the EU borders, setting up of operational support to these countries to speed up the procedures of migrants’ identification and fingerprinting and thus asylum claims.

Hotspot centres

Facilities for the first reception and identification of refugees and asylum seekers at southern European shores, in Italy and Greece; aimed at short-term stays of no longer than 48 hours, although the actual period is often longer.


Staying in accommodation for the homeless, in women’s shelters, in accommodation for immigrants or due to be released from institutions (e.g., for youngsters without parents, correctional institutions).

Housing career

The sequence of dwellings that a household occupies during its history.