Topic outline

  • Foundation Studio

    The foundation studio introduces students to the practice of planning by understanding the area/ward of the City.

    Source: CEPT

    Instructor(s) Anjana Vyas, Chintan Daftardar, Komal Agarwal, Mansi Shah, Neha Bhatt, Ravi Sannabhadti, Rutul Joshi, Shelly Kulshrestha, Shivanand Swamy, Vanishree Herlekar

    As Taught in Winter 2017

    Level Master of Urban and Regional Planning, 1. semester (mandatory)

    Type Design Studio

  • Stage 1

    Observation & perception studies

    week 1 & 2
    evaluation weights (4% of total course)

    • 2% individual short presentation
    • 2% individual write up
    • Stage 2

      Understanding your ward/planning area
      and its inter-linkages with the city - comparative assessment

      • Stage 3

        Need identification & analysis
        themes/sectors relevant to a particular local area (governance and institutions relevant to each sector cross cutting across all themes /sectors)

        • Demography & economic activities
        • Land & land use, built use
        • Housing,
        • Infrastructure,
        • Transport,
        • Environmental concerns

        week 2 to 5
        evaluation weights (10% of total course)

        • 5% group assessment: presentation of thematic/sectoral understanding in each ward profile
        • 5% individual assessment: reports on thematic/sectoral explorations
        • Stage 4

          Comparative studies to identify and explore urban functions/activities
          at different scales and their inter-linkages (Micro and macro linkages, inter-linkages between the different sectors and activities, backward and forward linkages of activities/functions)

          • Stage 5

            Compilation of an area/ward profile
            bringing together the sectoral analysis and inter-linkages between them

            week 5 to 8
            evaluation weights (16% of total course)

            • 8% group assessment
            • 8% individual assessment
            • Midterm assessment

              Evaluation weights (cumulating the above to 30% of the total course)

              • 13% group assessment
              • 17% individual assessments by studio faculty
              • Stage 6

                Consolidation of sectoral requirements
                Understanding overlaps, conflicts and synergies; Concerns of resource allocation, environmental sustainability and socio-economic equity; Developing planning principles

                week 9 to 11
                evaluation weight (15% of the total course)

                • 7% group assessment
                • 8% individual assessments
                • Stage 7

                  Developing draft proposals
                  Understanding of current planning practices and legislations; critical appraisals of the same and imbibing the planning principles into draft proposals *

                  week 12 & 13
                  evaluation weight (10% of the total course)

                  • 5% group assessment
                  • 5% individual assessments
                  • Stage 8

                    Finalisation of draft proposals
                    pre-final mock juries *

                    week 14 to 15
                    evaluation weight (15% of the total course)

                    • 7% group assessment
                    • 8% individual assessments
                    • Stage 9

                      Final portfolio assessments

                      week 16
                      evaluation weight (30% of the total course)

                      • 30% individual assessments by Final Juries (= external evaluators not part of the studio)
                      • *) Note

                        At these stages the individuals - whose grades are below 50% and show individual performance below par, can be detained and not allowed to appear in the final jury as decided by the studio faculty guiding them. The groups whose performance is below par can also be detained /stopped from giving the final jury presentations by the studio faculty even if the individual marks of certain students are above the cut –off of 50% of the cumulative marks declared till that point.

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