LUND (Lund University)

Lund University Centre for Societal Resilience is a university-wide independent transdisciplinary centre for research and innovation at Lund University. Its mission is to promote a resilient society by providing new knowledge, processes, methods and tools, and by supporting initiatives that apply them in practice. The centre aspires to become a world-renowned hub of knowledge and action, with the vision of understanding, explaining and improving our world and the human condition through research and innovation for safety, security and sustainability.
Centre for Societal Resilience has four central perspectives informing its approach, corresponding to four fundamental reasons for why more research and innovation are needed. First of all, our world is complex, and we grasp thiscomplexity by applying systems perspectives on the challenges at hand, together across scientific disciplines and functional sectors. Secondly, our future is uncertain, and we manage this uncertainty by utilising the concept of risk in order to make sense of and address these challenges. Thirdly, our world is dynamic, and we address its incessant transformation by focusing on resilience in promoting a safe, secure and sustainable future. Finally, our world is ambiguous, and we address this lack of clarity by involving policymakers, practitioners and the public in understanding, explaining and improving societal resilience

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