National Conferences

Stakeholders are engaged right from the beginning: a National conference is organized at the end of WP 1 (preparation phase); it not only joins stakeholders from Northwest and Southeast India (and huge agglomerations as well as medium size cities) but also those from local, regional and national authorities, real estate companies, chambers of commerce and NGOs and community organisations.

Broad media coverage is thereby targeted and consequently fuelled by activity 4.4 which in turn will prepare for the final national conference.

This final national conference will function as means of presenting findings of case studies and achievements of courses to the stakeholders as well as to the broader public and thus stress the importance of issues related to informal settlements and poor urban communities on the political agenda.

It also servers to inform further Indian academic institutions about courses and syllabi developed during the project and to establish cooperation with them in order to further spread academic training related to informal settlements and poor urban communities mainly but not exclusively in architecture and planning related faculties.

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