Project Steering Committee Meeting Februar 2018 Krems

Discussing project management as well as scientific output

BInUCom’s project steering committee comprising of all partners’ local coordinators met in Krems, Austria , between February 12- 16th, 2018.

This project meeting comprised of two grossly different elements:

on one hand side, all currently relevant organizational issue were thoroughly discussed and further management of the same set out – this included Local Dissemination Workshops still to be held in Vijayawda and the final National Conference in the same location, evaluation reports of courses already held at all Indian partner institutions and budgetary matters.

In the meeting’s second half the focus switched to Work on the project’s several case studies;
a first bunch of four of these studies were presented by their respective authors  and detailed debate ensued on aspects tackled in this field work. This discussion formed part of a extensive internal peer review process dedicated at high quality outputs in terms of schooling material.          

Further such detailed presentations and discussions of all remaining case studies are planed
for the project meeting in May 2018, the scheduling of which was drawn up at the end of the steering committee meeting.   


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