National BInUCom conference Vijayawada, 6-8 February 2019

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The final National Conference in Vijaywada is the culmination of the 3 year BINUCOM project. The conference is aimed at (1) dissemination of and discussion on the multiple case studies and research findings of researchers from within each of the partner institutions; (2) presentation of and feedback on the various educational modules, courses, and teaching methods developed by each of the partner institutions. The conference will be of interest to a range of actors in the housing and urban development sector: policy makers, bureaucrats, developers, community organizations, NGOs, activists, researchers, and academics. The conference will be organized as technical sessions along five thematic focus areas:


1) Informal settlements, housing policy (session 1 and 2)

2) Communities, livelihoods (session 3 and 4)

3) Resillence, Quality of life  (session 5)

4) Mapping tools and methods (session 6)

5) Education and pedagogic tools (session 7)


The conference will also feature 6 seminars as parallel sessions, where city profiles of Vijayawada, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be presented, along with presentation of student work and a film screening.


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