Topic outline


    Source: KAHE

    Aim: To study Urban and Rural Housing Policies and Programmes in India and the Developing World.


    1. To introduce the basic premises for Policy Preparation and Content of various Housing Policies and Programmes.
    2. To familiarize the students with the Real World Issues and Evaluate Success and Failure of Policies and Programmes 

    Instructor(s) V Balakrishnaa
    Instructor(s) Ramakrishna Moorthy
     Hiranmayi Shankavaram

    As Taught in : Winter 2018

    Level Master of Architecture, M.Plan.

    Type Theory course

  • Unit 1: Introduction

    Urban and Rural Housing Policies and its role in national development, objectives of policy in relation to settlement planning, basic components of housing policy and programmes formulation in urban and rural areas, housing policies in India and abroad, its impact and consequences on housing development, housing policy and their focus in different developing and developed countries, their significance in provision  of housing  programmes  for low-income  groups,  their formulation

    implementation and evaluation role of international and national funding agencies in housing programmes special housing programmes in different countries.

    • Unit 2: Housing in Rural India

      Socio-economic  profile of  rural  India and  rural  housing conditions-types  of traditional building materials and construction methods, house types, rural housing norms, standards and design, access to infrastructure, improvement in quality of life in rural areas, rural health and sanitation, environmental improvement in villages, concept of integrated rural housing development, rural housing schemes, impact of large development projects and community development in rural areas, special needs for housing for tribal.

      • Unit 3: Global Overview

        Review of urban and rural housing policies in various countries with particular focus on South East Asian countries

        • Unit 4: Case Studies of Policies and Programmes

          Various urban and rural housing programmes including the current JNNURM, RAY, Bharat Nirman, PURA, etc. Research and analytical writing for Units 1 (Introduction), 2 (Housing in Rural India), 3(Global Overview), 4 (Case Studies of Policies and Programmes)

          • References:

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