Weekly outline

  • Urban Renewal and Re-development

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    Instructor(s) Dr. S Ramesh , Srinivas. D & Nagaraju K

    As Taught in     Urban Renewal and Re-Development (BPLN405)

    Level  B planning ,II year IV semester, from Dec 21,2018 to April 22, 2019

    Type Theory

  • 1. Week 1

    Role of Planning, Role of Architecture,

    Identification of Gap between Planning

    and Architecture to create city as a

    whole, Need of Urban design, Role of

    Urban designer.

    • 2. Week 2&3

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      Urban design Concern, Scope and

      Limitations. Understanding Urban design

      Principles and components. Urban

      design and Planning Terminologies:

      Urban form


      Urban design and Planning

      Terminologies : Urban form, Urban/City



      • 3. Week 4&5

        Urban design and Planning

        Terminologies : Type and Typology,

        Urban Experience, Built form, etc.


        Urban design methods and Analysis,

        Urban Design case studies,

        Documentation and Representation


        • 4.Week 6&7

          What is Morphology? Why it is

          Important?, Elements of Urban

          Morphology in cities.

          * Week 6- Internal Assessment

          • 5. Week 8,9&10

            Understanding Morphology of Early cities

            and Temple Towns,

            Understanding Morphology of Medieval

            and Colonial Towns

            * Week 8-field trip to old town

            • 6. Week 11,12 &13

              Understanding Morphology of

              Contemporary and Global Cities, etc.

              Understanding the city through maps,

              determinant factors and figure ground.

              Historical perspective of city, Process of

              Development, process of

              Transformation, Issues and Concerns,


              Preparation of city profile of Vijayawada

              *Week- Mid Sen Exam

              • 7. Week 14&15

                Review of Preparation of city profile of Vijayawada

                Urban Renewal and Urban Re-development methods and case studies

                • 8. Week 16&17

                  Urban Conservation: Guest lecture

                  * Week 16-Internal Assessment

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                    • 11. Unit [name of unit]