Precarious Housing in Europe. Pushing for Innovation in Higher Education (PusH)

A Strategic Partnership co-funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme (2019-2022)

The lack of decent, affordable housing and the occurrence of informal, illegal, or unsafe housing across all EU Member States poses a threat to social inclusion in the EU and hinders the mobility of EU citizens and the integration of third-country nationals. However, so far this growing phenomenon has not been taken up systematically in curricula in higher education across Europe. 

PusH addresses this gap by creating accessible and engaging learning materials for students and practitioners across Europe and by promoting a widespread understanding of precarious housing as an urgent political issue of our time. The activities and outputs include:

The partnership unites seven partners from both older and younger EU member states enthusiastically committed to higher education and research: Leuphana University (coordinator), University of Utrecht, University of Durham, Iuav University Venice, Danube University Krems, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK), Open Society Institute Foundation.

You can find out more about PusH on the following pages:

For further information and exchange, you are welcome to contact our former coordinator, Sybille Münch. She is now affiliated with Hildesheim University (external link):