What can you find on this site?

The PusH learning materials are aimed at both students and teachers and include:

  1. A comprehensive textbook on cross-cutting issues around precarious housing; and
  2. Corresponding e-modules, including practical assignments and complementary input in text, audio or video format.

The overall goal of the learning materials is to provide a profound and solid knowledge basis on the different elements of housing precariousness in Europe. There are eight thematic chapters, each made up of a chapter in the textbook and a corresponding e-module.

How to use the learning materials?

The textbook chapters and corresponding e-modules build on each other so that you can use both in combination. 

For easier orientation, each e-module is structured in the same way, containing the following sections and content:

  1. Consolidating Knowledge: short tasks asking you to reflect on what you’ve read, for example to check your understanding of key concepts.
  2. Listening In: complementary information on key concepts and practical examples in audio format, featuring our PusH Podcast series as well as external podcasts.
  3. Getting Active: practical assignments encouraging you to explore the topics of the textbook further, for example through research, analysis or role-plays.
  4. Digging Deeper: sources for further research, including additional case studies or other reading material as well as online data bases or literature.

In addition to the chapter-specific e-modules, the site contains a Glossary of the key terms used throughout the textbook, an Interactive Map with a collection of illustrative cases by country as well as a collection of our PusH Podcast series containing all the podcast episode featuring in the separate chapters. 

The materials are meant as a collection you can draw from according to your needs. For example, as a student researching a specific topic you might find useful information in the textbook and the ‘Listening in’ and ‘Digging deeper’ sections of the e-module. As a teacher, you might use (chapters of) the textbook and online assignments in combination to design an interactive workshop or course on precarious housing.

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