PusH Podcast Series

Chapter 1: Introduction
  • PusH Podcast - Episode 1. What Is Precariousness in Housing? In this first episode of the PusH podcast, you can get to know some of the members of the PusH partnership and learn about their perspectives on housing precariousness as they share their personal experiences and interests. 
  • PusH Podcast - Episode 2. Housing, Precarity and Precariousness: What do we actually mean, when we speak of housing, precarity and precariousness? We provide some details on our understanding of these concepts in this second episode of our podcast. As this is central to the whole textbook, we prepared some slides with the most important points.
  • PusH Podcast - Episode 3. What Does Precariousness Mean in Practice?: What are actual issues, reasons and dynamics related to precarious housing and how do these differ between countries? What are personal and societal implications of housing precariousness, for example relating to (in)security, being in control of one's life or social conflict? In this episode, members of the PusH-partnership discuss what precariousness means in practice in different countries in Europe and beyond.
Chapter 2: Precariousness & Financialization

  • PusH Podcast - Episode 4. The Process of Financialization and its Implications:

    In this podcast episode, Ilse van Liempt discusses the financialization of housing with Prof. Manuel B. Aalbers, Professor of Geography at KU Leuven whose research and publications focus on the financialization of housing. In this podcast, Prof. Aalbers talks about his take on the processes and actors behind financialization, as well as its implications for different groups and in different contexts.

Chapter 3: Eviction & Displacement

  • PusH Podcast - Episode 5. Evictions and Displacement in London: In this podcast episode, we interview Prof. Paul Watt, professor of urban studies in the department of geography at Birkbeck on his work around evictions and displacement. We discuss the work he has been doing on displacement and youth homelessness around the Olympics in East London and zoom-in on the conceptual link between labour precarity and housing precarity. We also discuss gender and precarious housing and talk about his latest book called Estate Regeneration and its Discontents. Public Housing, Place and Inequality in London.

Chapter 4: Migrants and Precarious Housing
  • PusH Podcast - Episode 6: Dispossession and Immigrants' Struggle for Housing in Madrid: In this podcast episode, we interview Dr. Sophie Gonick, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. We discuss the issue of dispossession and immigrants’ struggle for housing in Madrid where she completed her research for Ph.D. We explore topics like homeownership, discrimination, and the importance of housing in defining the migrant experience.
  • PusH Podcast - Episode 10. The Danish 'Ghetto' Policy: In this podcast episode, we interview Dr. Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen, senior researcher at the Department of the Build Environment at the Aalborg University in Denmark. We discuss the origins and effects of the Danish 'Ghetto' Policy.
Chapter 5: Informal Settlements

Chapter 6: Homelessness

  • PusH Podcast - Episode 9. The Finish Way of Adressing Homelessness: In this episode with Nienke Boesveldt, we discuss the successful Finish method for addressing homelessness and consider how other European countries can incorporate these strategies. We specifically discuss how governing bodies overcomplicate issues of homelessness and us its complexity as an excuse for inaction.

Chapter 7: Recommendations

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