Multiplier Events

We organised three international Multiplier Events to engage interested stakeholders, including local and regional authorities, subject matter experts, NGOs, affected communities as well as teachers and students as target groups: 

  • First Multiplier Event in November 2020, focusing on our Chapters 1-3, including an introduction on the concept of precarious housing, commodification and affordability as well as evictions and displacement
  • Second Multiplier Event in June 2021, focusing on Chapter 4 on questions relating to migration and asylum as well as a presentation of our e-modules
  • Third Multiplier Event in November 2021, focusing on Chapters 5-6 on informal settlements and homelessness

The events served to discuss drafts of the learning materials and related aspects of precarious housing, with a view to facilitate exchange and awareness as well as to collect feedback and input on the learning materials. We shared drafts of the relevant materials in advance  of the events and invited the participants to share their feedback in different online sessions. We had a diverse range of participants from different groups and received valuable feedback that has been the main basis for further improving our learning materials. In addition, the events were a good opportunity for exchange on current topics relating to precarious housing, including based on the talks from external speakers we invited. 

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