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A financial product whose value is derived from an underlying entity. For example, mortgages can be packaged into a derivative and this financial product can be sold to investors.


A process that occurs when an individual or a household is forced to move from its residence by conditions that affect the dwelling or its immediate surroundings.

Displacement pressure

The dispossession suffered by poor and working-class families who stay in gentrifying neighbourhoods and whose feelings of home are negatively affected by the transformation of their neighbourhood.

Dublin Regulation

EU law defining EU Member States’ responsibility for asylum claims; according to the main principle of the Regulation, asylum applications should be processed in the first EU Member State in which asylum seekers enter.



A specific form of displacement which refers to the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord through legal action or to the removal of persons from premises that were foreclosed by a mortgage.

Exchange value

The value realized when a commodity is sold or rented.

Exclusionary displacement

A form of displacement which occurs when units being vacated by low-income residents are no longer affordable to other low-income households.



In the assessment of housing models, ‘fidelity’ refers to the way a model is reproduced in different settings. If some components of the original model are not present or are significantly modified, this may imply that we are dealing with a different programme and a different approach.

Financial sector

A segment of the economy that offers financial services or manages money for companies, households and the state. Apart from banks, the financial sector comprises insurance companies, investment funds, credit unions, accountancy companies etc.


The growing role of the financial sector as a source of profit.

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