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Housing cost overburden rate

The percentage of the population living in households where the total housing costs ('net' of housing allowances) represent more than 40% of disposable income ('net' of housing allowances).

Housing First Approach

Housing model based on the principle that the first support measure for the homeless should be the unconditional provision of housing. Housing is not the goal or end point, rather, it is the first step on the way back to society. This distinguishes Housing First from any programmes applying selection criteria based on personal characteristics or circumstances or making support conditional on commitments and discipline.

Housing ladder

metaphor for dwelling hierarchy. At the bottom of this ladder are accessible dwellings of relatively poor quality, while less accessible dwellings of better quality can be found on the higher rungs of the housing ladder.

Housing Precariat

Those who can no longer afford their houses.

Humanitarian protection

A form of protection for third-country nationals facing danger in their country of origin that is not harmonized within the EU.


Inadequate housing

Living in temporary/non-conventional structures, in unfit housing or in extreme over-crowding.

Informal Economy

All economic transactions in commodities or services that do not observe the formal rules established within a market or an economy.

Informal housing

A category that encompasses all those housing options that fall outside governments’ regulations and laws governing real estate transactions.

Informal Settlement

Any human settlement where housing has been constructed without the requisite legal title for ownership and/or use of the land for residential purposes (based on the Economic Commission for Europe). 

Insecure housing

Receiving longer-term support (due to homelessness) or living in insecure accommodation, including under threat of eviction or under threat of violence.

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