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A combination or overlap of the effects of various forms of discrimination, due to factors such as country of origin, economic status, age, gender, skin colour, and religion.

Irregular/ undocumented migrant

A migrant who enters and/or stays in a country without fulfilling the legal requirements to do so, including based on a lacking or expired residence permit.


Land squatting

The occupation of plots of land to erect makeshift houses.



A person who has resided in a country other than their country of origin for more than twelve months, regardless of the circumstances of migrating (e.g., voluntary/involuntary, regular/irregular).


loan in which the mortgaged property can be taken and sold by the lender if the borrower fails to pay back the loan. Therefore, mortgages are secured loans, because they are backed by a property that can be sold if the borrower defaults (this process is called foreclosure).



The belief that open, competitive and unregulated markets, liberated from all forms of state interference, represent the optimal mechanism for economic development.


Official camps

Settlements built to host refugees and asylum seekers on a temporary basis. They often comprise container housing units and/or tents.

Overcrowding rate

The ratio between the number of rooms and the number of household members, often closely connected to other social exclusion and deprivation indicators, in particular those related to income.


Positive discrimination

The act of favouring societal groups that often experience marginalization.

Precarious housing

Housing can be classified as precarious when people are either living in unsuitable, insecure, unaffordable, or unsafe housing, or not housed at all and living either as street homeless or in hostels, encampments, or temporary accommodation provided by states, charities, and some religious organizations.

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