Writing Task. Activist Letter on Commercialization Policy

In this chapter, we talked about several issues associated with the increasing commercialization of housing, and how policy changes over the last four decades have ultimately contributed to its uptick.  

Imagine you are a housing policy activist contacting a local legislative official in your city. What would you recommend?  In 500 words or less, write a short letter that advocates for a certain policy recommendation that could help remedy the situation. Your letter should include: 

1) a brief outline of your city’s housing problem in relation to commercialization, 

2) your policy recommendation and 

3) an analysis of the expected effects of your policy recommendation, in particular how it would solve, or at least improve, this problem. Make sure to identify whom this policy aims to help (ex: new migrants, young people, single-parent families) and the potential benefit helping this group could provide for the well-being of the city. Please provide any key evidence you can find to support your argumentation under points 1) and 2). 

To help you write this letter, take a look at this link to an example policy brief. 

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