The PusH E-Modules

Complementing our PusH textbook, we prepared e-modules corresponding to each of the chapters in the textbook. For easier orientation, each e-module is structured in the same way, containing the following sections and content:

  1. Consolidating Knowledge: short tasks asking you to reflect on what you’ve read, for example to check your understanding of key concepts.
  2. Listening In: complementary information on key concepts and practical examples in audio format, featuring our PusH Podcast series as well as external podcasts.
  3. Getting Active: practical assignments encouraging you to explore the topics of the textbook further, for example through research, analysis or role-plays.
  4. Digging Deeper: sources for further research, including additional case studies or other reading material as well as online data bases or literature.
You can access the different e-modules here:

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