Reflection on Student Housing

1) In section 2.2 shipping containers are presented as a form of student accommodation. Do you think that these containers are a solution to solve the housing shortage for students? Why (not)?

2) In Box 2.3 the rise of quality purpose-built student housing (PBSA) in Germany is discussed. Do you also perceive a rise of PBSA in your country? If yes, can you give some examples?

3) PBSA is part of the wider trend of financialization of housing (as is further discussed in section 2.3). What are, in your view, the main reasons for the financialization of student housing?

4) Read the blog entry “What the UK student rent strikes reveal about financialization” by Kiana Boroumand ( Kiana argues that the “financialization of student housing has fundamentally altered the relationship between universities and students and, in so doing, has complicated student resistance against housing injustice”. Do you agree with her? Why (not)?

5) If you were a student in Bristol, would you have joined the rent strike? Why (not)?

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