E-Module Chapter 6: Homelessness

In this chapter, we introduce the concept of homelessness providing some historical background but focusing mainly on recent developments. We give some of the most important definitions of homelessness, discuss the often ideologically laden arguments and debates about the causes and dynamics of homelessness, present the most important programs and policies addressing homelessness and take a brief look into the possible future of homelessness. As part of this e-module, we invite you to engage further with the aspects introduced in the textbook

Consolidating Knowledge

  • Key concepts: In this chapter, we introduced you to multiple topics related to homelessness in Europe. Check your understanding of the content using this task.
  • Reflection Task. Homelessness in Your Region: We discussed the complex relation between (forced) migration and housing. Now, let us take a  detailed look at the region or city you live in.
  • Reflection Task. Synonyms of Homelessness: In this exercise you will reflect on the meaning and connotations of homeless, homelessness and synonyms to these terms.

Listening In

Getting Active

  • Group Work. Different Types of HomelessnessIn this activity, you will learn more about different types of homelessness, deepen your knowledge by doing individual research on the living conditions and personal challenges of these types and understand structural conditions by comparing and discussing cases with other students.
  • Group Work. Statements about Homelessness: In this group work, you will collect , interpret and discuss different statements about homelessness and their implications. You will also learn about alternative terms, which may be used.
  • Research Task. Homelessness and Urban DesignIn this research activity you will learn about hostile architecture and explore the public space of your city. Can you imagine a city, designed to support homeless people?
  • Research Task. Housing First and Local Strategies to Avoid Homelessness. In this research task, you will deepen your knowledge about homelessness and form an informed opinion. You will argue from different perspectives, watch a documentary, read a case study about Finlands' Housing First approach and look at strategies to end homelessness.
  • Research Task. Images of Homelessness: Find out more about how homeless people and homelessness are imagined and depicted. 
  • Writing Task. The Right to HousingIn this task, which can be done in a group or individually, you will reflect on adequate housing and research your local legislative framework in regards to the right to housing. 

Digging Deeper

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