E-Module Chapter 1: Introduction

In this chapter, we introduce the concept of precariousness and give an overview of the themes that will be dealt with in the various chapters of this book. As part of this e-module, we invite you to engage further with the aspects introduced in the textbook to ensure a solid understanding of the basics relating to the topic of precarious housing. 

Consolidating Knowledge

  • Key Concepts: This chapter introduced some basic concepts, which are relevant to the whole text book. Thus, you may want to take a moment to check your understanding by going through the dialog cards. Feel free to go back to the chapter if there are any concepts you are not sure about or if you are interested in more details.
  • Reflection Task. What is 'Housing'?: Let's take a moment to reflect what we mean when we speak about 'housing'. Watch the short video below and then reflect for yourself - you can take the questions at the end of the video as a starting point. We encourage you to capture your thoughts in writing or in a mind map.

Listening In

Getting Active

  • Group Work. Defining ‘Home': At the beginning of this chapter, you were asked to consider what home means to you. In this assignment, we ask you to explore understandings of 'home' as a group.
  • Writing Task. The Case of the Grenfell Tower: Having read the Introduction chapter, we now want you to think a little about how the issue of precariousness affects housing by looking in more depth at the case study of Grenfell Tower.
  • Writing Task. Precarity and Political Mobilization: Precarity can have different effects relating to political mobilization. In this task, we introduce different tendencies and invite you to reflect on the situation in your own country.

Digging Deeper

  • External Resources: Let us introduce you to some external online resources that you might find useful and interesting for your study of precarious housing. These may be useful to come back to at later stages, for example when you engage in research tasks. 
  • Additional Literature: This page points you to literature linked to the main themes of this chapter. 

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