E-Module Chapter 3: Evictions & Displacement

This chapter deals with evictions and displacement, discussing related processes, implications as well as policies. As part of this e-module, we invite you to engage further with the aspects introduced in the textbook

Consolidating Knowledge

  • Key Concepts: Chapter 3 discusses the dynamics relating to evictions and displacement. Have a look at this exercise to check your knowledge of important concepts introduced. 
  • Reflection Task. Gentrification: What is the nature of gentrification, what are factors causing it? Reflect on an example of your choice.

Listening In

  • PusH Podcast - Episode 5. Evictions and Displacement in London: In this episode of the PusH Podcast, we interview Prof. Paul Watt, professor of urban studies in the department of geography at Birkbeck, on his work around evictions and displacement. We discuss the work he has been doing on displacement and youth homelessness around the Olympics in East London and zoom in on the conceptual link between labour precarity and housing precarity. We also discuss gender and precarious housing and talk about his latest book called Estate Regeneration and its Discontents. Public Housing, Place and Inequality in London.
  • External Podcast. Squatters, Eviction and Extortion in Catalonia: This episode of The Documentary Podcast by the BBC discusses how Catalonia’s housing crisis spawns opportunities for organised crime.
  • External Podcast. 99% Invisible. Chapter 5 - Housing Finally: In the final chapter of 99% Invisible's episode series on housing in the San Francisco/Bay Area, the reader hears the first-hand account of Kate Cody's experience as a chronically homeless individual. Kate recounts her experiences being evicted and displaced from various informal housing situations and the process of acquiring a permanent living situation with her recently received housing ticket.

Getting Active

Digging Deeper

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