E-Module Chapter 7: Solutions and Responses

This chapter presents a broad catalogue of possible “solutions” for housing related needs and demands. It turns out that the most central cornerstone to tackling all these challenges is the creation of affordable and suitable housing in substantial quantity. However, just "build, build, build" might not be sustainable either; Instead, structural vacancy and speculative investment in housing need to be tackled.

Our final chapter therefore rather is an invitation to the readers to browse possible options and critically assess their applicability under specific local and regional circumstances as well as their potential advantages and drawbacks. As part of this e-module, we invite you to engage further with the aspects introduced in the PusH textbook.

Consolidating knowledge

Listening in

  • PusH Podcast - Episode 11: in this episode of the PusH podcast, Dr. Justin Kadi of Vienna University of Technology talks about potential solutions to some of the housing problems outlined in the PusH textbook. He especially looks at how cities in Europe depart from the dominant neoliberal paradigm and start to implement what he terms post-neoliberal housing policies.

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